Disney Infinity 3.0 for Apple TV


  • Apple TV
  • Placement programmer

About Disney Infinity 3.0 for Apple TV

When I was on an internship at Sumo Digital Ltd., I was placed on the team working on Disney Infinity 3.0 for Apple TV. On this project I was working on converting the game, which had been released on other platforms before I started, to a new platform. This lead to challenges in terms of hardware, as the Apple TV has some specific requirements such as on-demand resource bundling. My job as a programmer on this project was to make sure that the Apple TV version would be just as great as the released versions.

This was my first foray into the game industry. It was a very fun, educational period in my life. Getting into the guts of a proper, commercial, big game series was a treat, especially as the job required a wide variety of knowledge.


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