Unreal 4 Procedural Level Editor Plugin


  • Windows
  • Unreal 4 (C++)
  • Individual project
  • Developing an Unreal 4 plugin

About Unreal 4 Procedural Level Editor Plugin

This plugin was developed as part of my specialisation. The goal was to create a level editor pluging for Unreal 4 with procedural elements. I was interested in seeing how procedural content generation and hand-authored level design could work together. To me, the best way to approach this was to embed the procedural generation in a level editor.

The plugin adds a window to Unreal 4 with a 2D tilemap. The user can edit that tilemap by hand, or allow a procedural dungeon generator to work. After the procedural dungeon generator is done, the user can then edit the results, or tweak generation parameters and try generating again. With a button press, the tilemap can be spawned in the scene using prefabs which the user can specify. The user can then quickly play the resulting map and iterate on the design.

At the time, Unreal 4 was still very new. There was not a lot of documentation on developing plugins or working with the UI. This presented some challenges as some of the functionality I required (such as displaying and editing the tilemap) were not analogous with any existing plugins. By going into the Unreal 4 editor code I managed to find the elements I needed.


Contact me

Please reach me at yanknoop@gmail.com if you want to get in touch.